So this is me.

I’m kind of a neat person. I mean, it’s not every day you can meet someone who has done what I’ve done. No, really. Check out this little list:

  • Raced a thunderstorm bareback on a horse across a field in Colorado
  • Shook Davy Jones’ hand (yep, he really was that short!)
  • Grown my own fruits and vegetables
  • Raised my own poultry for meat and eggs
  • Worked the East Coast racing circuit for Standardbred Racing
  • Colored my hair just about every wild color there is (it’s red at the moment)
  • Been an elected official for local government
  • Rides a badass Indian Motorcycle, that’s me and my bike Lola in that picture over there
  • Has an insatiable addiction to organizing and keeping things tidy
  • Loves, loves, loves music (I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of live bands)

I mean .. it’s a little list but I’m proud of it. It’s who I am. If you’re reading this, welcome.

I’m Gineane. And this website is all about who I am, business and personal.

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